August 25, 1718: “La Nouvelle-Orléans” starts its Jambalaya

new orleans Pour sturdy French stock over Chitimacha corn, beans and squash.
Simmer slowly, add Acadian bouillabaisse.
Stir in African okra and black-eyed peas.
Spice with Spanish onions, peppers, and paprika.
Toss in a crawfish, revert to the heavier sauce of the French.
Blend Haitian red beans and rice.
Shake Choctaw filé powder into the roux.
Fire the cannon if the British take a taste.
Add flatboats of corn and hogs from up the river.
Grate turnips and mustard greens from the garden.
Sautee shrimp, crab, and oysters from the gulf.
Season with saffron and cinnamon from foreign ports of call.
Chop in German sausage.
Cover with Sicilian red gravy.

Serve with Po-Boys, Gumbo, and Crawfish Étouffée.
Laissez les bon temps roule!

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