October 20, 1962: John F. Kerry writes to John F. Kennedy

1078 Yale Station
New Haven, CT

Dear Mr. President,

Having met you several times this summer at Hammersmith Farm, and having worked for your brother in Massachusetts during that same time, I am to say the least, an ardent Kennedy supporter. My remarks however, are at no point based on this fact, and are as best as possible from the bystanders point of view.jfk x 2

I wish to apologize for the deplorable behavior of some of my fellow undergraduates here at Yale. Your very recent visit has left behind it much discussion – not on its political, but social aspects. Gradually the realization of the disrespect shown the office of the President of the United States is sinking in to those who are the offenders. It does little good for a non-offender to write and apologize for the acts of others, but perhaps it will do something to say that people here are aware of the disgrace they brought upon the University and themselves. It is possible that you personally were not bothered by what happened here, but the insult was made and there is no one here who is not now conscious of it.

May I also take this time for a very unforgettable and exciting time the weekend of the America’s Cup races.

With best wishes for the future,

John F. Kerry

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